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Professional guitar lessons at GodinGuitars.org

Guitar Teaching has high focus for us, and we are not afraid to call ourselves experts in the field. We offer dedicated instrument training at all levels, from eight years and up.
guitar lessons
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced, it is important that your guitar lessons will be made up according to your wishes and needs. We are committed to finding the right teacher for you, so you get the most out of your time with us and give your guitar dreams as soon as possible.

Learn to play the guitar from your own assumptions

Our passionate guitar teachers have an active life of the International guitar scenes and among the best trainers in the world. Whether you play jazz, rock, blues, heavy or something else, then our guitar lessons to improve your skills on the instrument and give you support and inspiration. We organize course guitar lessons based on your specific ambitions, abilities and desires.

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Guitar lessons with GodinGuitars gives you:

- Individual lessons by experienced and dedicated guitar teachers
- Tailored guitar lessons that are tailored to your needs
- Further development of your technique, based on your favorite music
- Optimizing your guitar exercises
beginner Guitar
- In our guitar lessons for beginners will quickly make friends with the basic chords. You learn to play small melodies and themes and improvising and playing solo.

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Guitar Lessons for intermediate
Guitar Teaching in the "intermediate" is aimed at guitarists who have learned the basic techniques and have learned the guitar well know.

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Guitar Lessons for advanced
Our guitar lessons for advanced guitarists caters to those who have been quite familiar with the instrument and has several years of experience.


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